Humble Beginnings

This started as an experiment. I wanted to see how challenging it would be to build a system that could follow a game of poker on-screen, and understand every step of the game.

I’ve designed almost every component of this experiment to be as dynamic as possible, with the long-term goal being a complete poker system that can be easily re-adapted for different Texas HoldEm interfaces with minimal work and preferably without recompiling the whole project.

Zynga Texas HoldEm Poker

To start with I’ve decided to use the popular facebook-based Texas HoldEm Poker run by Zynga. It’s free to play, all game money is free money (unless you make the choice to buy more chips from Zynga), and it should provide a reliable starting system to test the effectiveness of this system in a real environment.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 13.45.57.png

Since this system is designed to run on my personal macbook pro, the API is built with various components written in either C, C++, or Objective-C; depending on whether 3rd-party API was used.

Check the news section to see the current state of this experiment.