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Dynamic Aggression – Adjusting for both Great & Weak Hands

In my previous post I discussed the introduction of the first odds-based gameplay beyond the blinds, check it out here: Post-flop Odds & Playing More than Just Bingo Blinds, with Mixed Results. This is the golden rule driving that playstyle: float aggression = 1.0; long long maxCall = (self.totalBets + self.totalPot)Read More

Post-flop Odds – Playing More than Just Bingo Blinds, with Mixed Results

We saw that building an odds-based bingo strategy for Texas Holdem poker has some valuable strengths. At least when testing in the free-to-play Zynga poker environment. However, this strategy limits gameplay to just the blinds. If a strong-enough hand isn’t seen in 100 hands, that’s 100 hands we’re blindly folding.Read More

Preflop Odds – Building a Better Bingo Bot

In my last post I showcased some of the first results of my poker experiment. The automated logic running my poker bot has been set to wait for specific pocket cards in the preflop, and if a match is found, simply go all in: NSString *allInCardsStr = @”AA KK QQ JJRead More

Humble Beginnings

This started as an experiment. I wanted to see how challenging it would be to build a system that could follow a game of poker on-screen, and understand every step of the game. I’ve designed almost every component of this experiment to be as dynamic as possible, with the long-termRead More