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Dynamic Aggression – Adjusting for both Great & Weak Hands

In my previous post I discussed the introduction of the first odds-based gameplay beyond the blinds, check it out here: Post-flop Odds & Playing More than Just Bingo Blinds, with Mixed Results. This is the golden rule driving that playstyle: float aggression = 1.0; long long maxCall = (self.totalBets + self.totalPot)Read More

Post-flop Odds – Playing More than Just Bingo Blinds, with Mixed Results

We saw that building an odds-based bingo strategy for Texas Holdem poker has some valuable strengths. At least when testing in the free-to-play Zynga poker environment. However, this strategy limits gameplay to just the blinds. If a strong-enough hand isn’t seen in 100 hands, that’s 100 hands we’re blindly folding.Read More

Preflop Odds – Building a Better Bingo Bot

In my last post I showcased some of the first results of my poker experiment.┬áThe automated logic running my poker bot has been set to wait for specific pocket cards in the preflop, and if a match is found, simply go all in: NSString *allInCardsStr = @”AA KK QQ JJRead More